Available in 28g travel size and an 80g jar.

Rosemary & Borage body butter

  • With the slightly medicinal scent of organic rosemary essential oil this rich body butter is fresh and stimulating.

    Rosemary is known for its benefits to the immune system and can help ease headaches and reduce puffiness of the skin. It is said to soothe inflammation and stimulate circulation.

    Borage oil has been used traditionally to help ease the symptoms of psoriasis, it is high in linoleic acid and is anti-inflammatory, acting like your natural oils to protect against flare ups and irritation.

    Natural. Palm free. Organic. Cruelty free.

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Wow! This is beautiful, what a difference this has made to my skin. Using it twice daily at the moment as I have such dry skin, never found a product like it, smells gorgeous too!

Isaac Sutherland


My wife bought me this soap as I often get hot and sweaty as a musician (not to mention gardening and general DIY) and I found this soap to be deeply cleansing, nourishing and refreshing thanks to the charcoal and the lovely essential oils! I've been through two now and just waiting till payday for my next one :-) It's nice to be pampered as a man!