Frankincense & Lemon soap

  • The gorgeous Frankincense organic essential oil can help to reduce acne and blemishes, tightening and rejuvenating and cell stimulating, a high quality oil with a woody aroma.

    Used in medieval times for sacred rituals. Teamed with organic lemon essential oil to help ease stress and fight fatigue.

    I have added a gold mica in a pencil line to this soap for beauty. Some have juniper berries as a decoration.

    Natural. Palm free. Organic. Cruelty free.

    Dry on a rack between uses.

Ratings and Reviews

Isaac Sutherland


My wife bought me this soap as I often get hot and sweaty as a musician (not to mention gardening and general DIY) and I found this soap to be deeply cleansing, nourishing and refreshing thanks to the charcoal and the lovely essential oils! I've been through two now and just waiting till payday for my next one :-) It's nice to be pampered as a man!

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